Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Not to Wear...For Your Next Photo Shoot

If you’re scrambling to find an outfit just before your next photo shoot, I’m here to help. So often individuals overlook their outfits, but unlike a flyaway hair or some spinach in your teeth, clothing is harder to change in Photoshop. If you need some tips for your next school portrait, professional headshot or group shot, here you are:

Stay neutral
You can never go wrong with neutral colors like white, brown, navy or black. That’s because clothing with funky colors and bright patterns distracts from the main visual: you! Plus, if you plan on keeping the image for the next several years (or beyond), you won’t want to look back and cringe at that too-modern outfit you wore. Remember: timeless and minimalist is always best.

Layer Up
Wearing layers can help add more depth and personality into your portrait image. They’ll also allow a lot more variety and poses in your images, like hanging a suit jacket behind your shoulder. Add a jacket, sweater or hat to showcase your own unique style.

If you plan on taking a family photo, coordinating your outfits helps subtly create a link between each individual in the portrait. Choose a color scheme that works for you, like all white shirts, or have everyone wear their favorite hats. It’s all about showing off your family’s personality.

Comfort is Key
This is important, especially if you’re taking pictures with children. Make sure that you are happy with and comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. If that means choosing loafers instead of high heels, go for it. Portrait shoots can take time to complete, so you don’t want to be unhappy for the majority of it.

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